BIO - Juan Contreras


Juan Contreras is a fine art photographer and oil painter based in Vancouver BC. Juan was educated as an Electrical and Systems Engineer and currently works as an IT Professional in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. In late 2008, he made a decision to pursue his passion for the fine art world and started formal studies at Emily Carr University and extended his art vision attending the photography program at the Langara College. Although an artist at heart, Juan currently divides his artistic practice divides and extends his time between art and technology.

As an oil painter, he had his first solo exhibition in 2009 as part of the Anti-bullying Café organized by Latin-American Mental Health Workers Association (APLASM). In 2010 Juan participated in the group exhibition Celebration of Spring, at the Deer Lake Gallery, and was awarded the first prize for his work: a solo exhibition the following year. … And We Call it Home (2011), Juan’s first solo exhibition, presented twenty-five intricate and colourful paintings that explored themes of land development, urbanism, construction and city planning. Continuing with the theme of urbanism, in 2014 Juan presented a new body of work titled Walking East at Back Gallery Project. Each piece in this exhibition uncovered the fingerprints of the ancestors of the land on the city map, unveiling the silhouette of the traditional art forms planted in the earth. You are invited to appreciate Juan's oil painting at

Juan has been exploring figurative paintings expressing ecological concern in his series Conflicted Landscapes, and bas-relief techniques using only oil in his series Cabriole - female dancing figures.

Juan included photography as a new medium for his artistic vocabulary to produce thoughtful, provocative and ambitious high-quality images embracing everyday scenes as well as an artistic narrative of onsite live performance dance. 

As an artistic photographer, I live pursuing THE image that satisfies my passion for visually communicating emotions, stories, and photographic processes. The world is full of endless, diverse, and intriguing frames and scenes asking to be captured. I embody them in three paths of my artistic vision: Motion Trail, Conceptual Art, and Shapes & Forms - abstract Images, found in urban contexts and nature all around. Cityscape is a special chapter in Juan's artistic view that required another site to share his development     

Juan is a member of the Contemporary Art Society of Vancouver, Vancouver Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver Art Gallery, Federation of Canadian Artists, and Canadian Artists’ Representation/Le Front des artistes canadiens.

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