Juan E. Contreras - Fine Art Photography

Artist Statement

I am an artistic photographer who lives pursuing THE image that satisfies my passion for visually communicating emotions, stories, and photographic processes. The world is full of endless, diverse, intriguing scenes and frames asking to be captured. I embody them in the four paths of my artistic vision: Motion Trail, Cityscape, People, and Abstract images from shapes and forms found in streets and nature.

I have exceptional skills specialized in the art of the low light conditions and documenting performing arts. I particularly delight in photographing the poetic forms of light. Low and golden lights are the conditions that call me to take a camera and capture the world.

My inner call for golden light come from my infancy evocation of sunsets in Colombia and the description I found as a child in Pedro Paramo by Juan Rulfo when he describes the yellowish images of Comala - Mexico:

“Era la hora que los niños juegan en las calles de todos los pueblos, llenando con sus gritos la tarde. Cuando aun las paredes negras reflejan la luz amarilla del sol.”    (It was the hour that the children play in the streets of all the towns, filling the afternoon with their uproar. When even the black walls reflect the yellow light of the sun).





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