Fine Art Photography - Juan Contreras

As an artistic photographer, I live pursuing THE image that satisfies my passion for visually communicating emotions, stories, and photographic processes. The world is full of endless, diverse, and intriguing frames and scenes asking to be captured. I embody them in three paths of my artistic vision:  Motion Trail, Conceptual Art,  and Shapes & Forms - abstract Images, found in urban contexts and nature all around


My intent with these images is to achieve descriptionless, aesthetic objects, celebrating beauty in a dialogue where the balance between fine art and decorative art coexist. This work has starred my artistic vision by its abstract and fluid representation of movement like traces of white brushstrokes of lights on a black canvas.


Series is a group of images that represent a specific topic or theme. One of my series is linked to a Vancouver story about Corner Stores, and the second one lied more in the conceptual photography that illustrates the idea of dependency and loneliness.

Prints available on Limited Edition of 25, hand-signed and numbered copies. The Series is sold as an entire group of images, individual prints are not available for sale. Please contact Juan Contreras - for details.


The composition of visual elements like colours, lines, texture, light, and patterns plays part in sketching on the viewer's eye the pleasing image that combines shapes and forms. Everyday objects appear renewed or new to our eyes, emerging to the surface when part of it or combine with other elements are highlighted in a photograph.

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