Dance Motion Trails Portraits - juan contreras

Motion Trails

Long exposure photography is a means for capturing movement on an extended period. I have created this series of dance portraits through long exposure and motion blur, visually expressing movement in an abstract language. I have worked long exposure in landscape from 10 to 45 minutes, but for this series of portraits two to four seconds were enough to capture the bright trails of light emanating from the fast movements of the dancers as they moved through space. 

With landscapes, one takes time to visualize the shot, to expect the wind does not change the scene, to calculate and to avoid improvising; it is like fishing. With dancers, one cannot improvise camera settings; it is necessary to visualize the image at every second to anticipate the movement, it is like hunting.

The images were captured without flash and using low light conditions. I carefully followed the dancers to find the light and the motion I had visualized.

My intent with these images is to achieve descriptionless, aesthetic objects, celebrating beauty in a dialogue where the balance between fine art and decorative art coexist. This work has starred my artistic vision by its abstract and fluid representation of movement like traces of white brushstrokes of lights on a black canvas.

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