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Our professional photographic service creates the material to document live performance using photography as an artistic medium. The pricing guide estimated in this page takes in consideration a work-focused to photograph live dance on-site, and in low light conditions, that captures the clarity of the movements, the emotions that artists project in their performance and the choreography design.

This service requires an advance consultation to determine its scope and costs. Book your consultation meeting at for details.

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The pricing guide has been estimated for one photographer covering one-hour of performing art (dance), at a single location in Vancouver BC, and no lighting.​

Baseline Rates:


$320 of two-hour minimum at $160 per hour; every hour thereafter is $136 per hour. Production is the process of photo-shooting, and it also includes the preparation of the photographic equipment according to the location, venue, the environmental conditions and the time to arrive at the location. ​


$26 per image (editing and Retouching of selected photographs) and delivers jpg format images for web presence with a max resolution of 2,560 x 1440 px 72 ppi. Post-production is everything that happens after the shooting has finished and it includes importing all the images saved in camera(s); backing up the images files; selecting the images that comply with documentation objective; correcting basic exposure settings and fixing horizons or distortion; applying colour adjustments; export and posting photos on the web, and deliver the final package of images as requested or contracted.

License/Usage and high-resolution images for printing

To be agreed upon. "The license is an agreement between the photographer and the client as to the usage rights that have been granted for a given project. It might help if you think of the license as a lease and the usage rights as the terms of that lease".

This service requires an advance consultation to determine its scope and costs. Book your consultation meeting for details.

Candid Portrait

​Images shot before/during/after the performance. As part of the professional documentation service of the performing arts, I also provide candid portrait before & after the show.

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