The Edge of my Brain

The Edge of my Brain is a series of paintings created in 2015. The series explores the conjunction of an artist and an engineer's brain. The correlation between the two is represented in colours, forms, as well as concepts, theorems, cables systems and structures. The Pythagoras theorem, the binary system, electrical fields, and a dipole, among others, are all exposed through their aesthetic potential, making it possible for their practical or utilitarian presence to disperse.

This body of work began as an exploration of the widely known theory that explains how the brain processes information. The brain is said to be separated in two hemispheres: the right hemisphere, which focuses mainly on creativity, intuition, colours, images, expressing emotions, art! The left hemisphere is involved in logic, analytical thinking, numbers, and reasoning. I inhabit both spaces every day; I make a living using the left side of my brain, seeing the world through the lenses of an engineer, but I also live and explore the world with the right side of my brain, building an artistic vocabulary that is ever-growing, ever-evolving.

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