Photographic Documentation Service

The Art of the Low Light and Action Photography.

jucoVisualArts provides the expertise, and the specialized photographic experience on documenting live performance, on-location, and low light conditions. As part of the performing arts documentation, we also provide candid portrait before & after the show and specialized photographic service in creative studio sessions for artistic portfolios.

Candid Portrait

Image shot before/during/after the performance.

My work goes beyond documentation, I strive to create artistic images combining my endowment in visual arts, digital photography, and technical computer skills to produce the finest artworks. The emotions that artists project in their performance are captured captivating in images the language they create with their faces and bodies, and the message they express with their movements.

We deliver retouched high-resolution digital files in jpg format.

Pricing Guide

A significant part of my work focuses on exceptional photographic documentation of performing arts, specializing in onsite dance and performance photography in all its form, and in low light conditions.

This service requires an advance consultation to determine its scope and costs. Book your consultation meeting at In general, this service includes one photographer for a one-hour performance, and deliveries retouched high-resolution digital files in jpg format as follows:

Baseline Rates: Production, Post-Production and License Charges 

Production charges  $320 of two-hour minimum at $160 per hour; every hour thereafter is $136 per hour

Post-production charges of $26 per image (editing and Retouching of selected photographs), and delivers jpg format images for web presence with a max resolution of 2,560x14440 px 72 ppi .

License/Usage and high-resolution images for printing: To be agreed upon.

Rate estimated for one photographer,  single location and  no lighting. 

Photography service for dancers, musician and scenic artists in Vancouver BC.

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