Photography Editions

Digital photography provides the ability to be reproducible in open editions,  and in limited editions.

Open editions imply no limits on printing photographs from the same digital file and work in a favourable way offering an astonishing artwork at a lower price compared with the limited-edition printing. Open edition photographs are printed using museum quality archival paper and inks.

Limited edition prints use the same materials and techniques on each image, and the number of prints never changes. Each piece is printed using museum quality archival paper and inks and includes a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity. The number of editions depends on the artwork and its dimensions.


Juan Contreras limits the number of prints in multiple sizes for a selected number of galleries. The print is delivered with a certificate of authenticity, a document that proves that the photographic artwork is genuine and authentic. Every edition comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by Juan Contreras, guaranteeing the exclusivity of the piece as a work of art you own.

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Juan Contreras

Fine Art Photographer and Oil painter